With training in both classical and contemporary dance, I have over 10 years of professional experience dancing and creating in Canada and Germany. I have worked in a range of contexts: as a freelance dancer, within a permanent contract, as a choreographer and choreographer's assistant. Through studying the Axis Syllabus developed by Frey Faust I have integrated functional anatomy concepts into my practice that promote physical vitality and awareness that will allow for me to dance with vigor well into my late life.

I aim to immerse myself fully in what I do, and come together with those I work with to create something that is bigger than the sum of our parts. I believe it’s a responsibility to act and create with love, particularly in a world that is suffering. We are not only in the middle of acute crises but also the birth of new ways of being and relating to one another and the world around us. I seek to be a part of art making that both tends to the grief of our losses and ushers in the stories, images, poetry, sound and movement that can begin to shape the futures we need.