Sometimes I wake up in the morning and there are perfect shadows being cast on the walls from various objects in my room and things are still and nothing has started yet but the potential is so tangible and tender and infinite. You are this moment to me.

Sometimes I am going through the motions of cooking a meal or getting dressed and I drop something or trip and so am forced to pause and usually, hopefully, laugh at myself and these moments also feel like you. Nice and silly. Laughter with perspective. A gap between relentless Time and the space of consciousness. Sometimes it feels like that is where you live. Suspended in blue. So lucid, clair voyant, aware, alert. (Something you once told me: “stay alert”). In touch with your heartbeat and how it continues in relation to the world around you.

Sometimes it is a warm night in the dark in the summer and I am indulging in something or have witnessed a beautiful moment, or read poetry that got to me, or just left a conversation with someone that has changed my vision (so often this person is just a replacement for you) and I imagine that this feeling of love in me must make up such a huge percentage of the fabric of your being.